July 26, 2010
Jack Pam recently launched his Documentary film, Photography Hijacked - An exploration into the work of 12 Australian and American photographers, including Sarah. 300,000 people tuned in to the screening in Australia and it's getting a ton of great feedback! Pam is currently distributing the DVD in various locations, while working on a long-form director's cut to submit to international film festivals. There may be additional screenings in the coming months (TBA).
July 22, 2010
Sidney is my gorgeous Haitian model seen in various recent pictures. He curated an erotic show at Madam X and asked me to show some erotic work. I complied! :) The opening was last night. Here are the images he showed.
July 17, 2010
Today at the Soho Grand - over cucumber cocktails with my new assistant, Chrissie, we met with Michael Huffington, who has generously joined forces with the Tableau Vivant team and come on board as Executive Producer of the documentary Film being created about the the process of building my Tableaux Vivants
July 01, 2010
Click "Read More" to view a series of blogs and reviews following the most recent mini Tableau at the Dumbo Clocktower Building...
July 01, 2010
HERE, you can read a recent interview with Sarah for Turkish Magazine, Fotoritim. In addition to photography-related questions, the interviewers here also chose to discuss a few Turkish folk songs because of Sarah's affiliation with Balkan singing. This is the first Turkish interview Sarah has done to-date.
June 30, 2010
Ariella and Crow and other select images from The Delirium Constructions series were chosen for publication in Julie Grahame's new Magazine, aCurator. Click HERE to view the article with link to a slideshow of images.
June 28, 2010
1000 Words Blog and Troika Editions have joined forces, and last month interviewed Sarah about Lilly and Leg (Ed. 3/10 currently for sale by Troika Editions).
June 05, 2010
Yesterday, Sarah's Tableau Vivant performance series was mentioned in an article by Melena Ryzik in the Arts and Design section of the New York Times, an article featuring New York parties with excitement and cultural energy. Social Disrobing and Other Party Fare highlights, "For the last year the photographer Sarah Small has been organizing tableaux vivants in unusual spaces, photographing performers in lively and frozen states of undress..."
June 03, 2010
Yesterday, Sarah was chosen by the Magenta Foundation as one of the winners for this year’s Flash Forward competition for emerging photographers from Canada, the US and the UK. Click HERE to view a complete list of the 2010 winners.
May 26, 2010
Sarah recently interviewed with Jo Williamson of radio show WPKN. You can check out the interview online HERE (Sarah comes in at approximately 1:36:00). 
May 26, 2010
German news publication Welt Kompakt reviewed the May 8th Tableau Vivant performance in DUMBO, Brooklyn. HERE, you can view a scan of the original German article, as well as a few translation attempts. The complete article is also available in Welt Kompakt's archives HERE
May 15, 2010
After 3 years, filmmaker Jack Pam has launched his documentary Photography Hijacked - An exploration into the work of 12 Australian and American photographers.  According to Pam, "...each artist in this film represents a unique way of looking at photography." The film screens next on ABC TV 1 at 10:00pm EST, May 18, 2010. A preview is available for viewing on Vimeo HERE.