Position is Part-Time - Starting Immediately 
(opportunity to become Full-TIme)
Job Title: 
Studio Manager (Executive + Personal Assistant) 
Job Overview:
Planning / Scheduling, Producing, Task Organization, Brainstorming, Researching, Outreaching, Publicizing, Marketing, Creative and Technical Writing, Technical Oversight and Management, Creative Oversight and Management, Personnel Management, Errand Running, Hands-on Crafts and Construction. Ideal candidate will be involved in both assisting me in and collaborating with me on the creative production and cultivation of my developing projects and ventures. Pluses: Video Editing, Photographic Editing and Retouching, Film and Event Production, Fundraising (longer term). 
Hours / Hourly Wage:
This job will start as a  Part-Time position, and may move into Full-Time. Job will start with a trial period of up to two weeks, at which a trial wage of $20/hour will be paid. Amount of hours worked per week will be dependent on Candidate’s specific set of skills and capabilities (from within the set of skills + requirements listed below). After trial period, Candidate will become Independent Contractor at the rate of $20-$25 per hour (commensurate with experience). Movement into a Full-Time position (including health Insurance support and other benefits) can be discussed and will be based on Candidate’s current set of skills and/or his/her proven ability, during Part-Time period, to synthesize information and learn new skills quickly. If Candidate is very strong in some arenas but not a good match in other arenas, hourly wage and hours worked per week can be negotiated for continued work in a Part-Time capacity. Distribution of hours is flexible.
Work Location: 
At start of work, Candidate will work with Sarah at her kitchen table in Williamsburg Brooklyn. As soon as Ground Floor Commercial Space (Multi-disciplinary Rental Facility + Performance Venue) has completed construction, Candidate will work within this space (Anticipated Construction Completion - Winter 2015).  
Natural Ability/ Inclination:
The top requirement for this position is DETAIL and ORGANIZATION. Any Candidate applying for this position MUST possess a natural and inherent interest in and orientation around detail, in both text-based and graphic contexts. Candidate must be able to synthesize large amounts of information quickly and precisely, and be able to create systems for executing tasks and delivering in tight timeframes. This job is not for everyone. It is for someone who specifically loves creating organizational systems for themselves in all realms, and who naturally loves the job of refining/playing/solidifying- aesthetically and organizationally. Only read on if you possess this natural ability and love this about yourself! 
Required Skills:
-Creative Writing
-Technical Writing 
-Creative Systemizing + Strategizing 
-Graphic Design + Organization
-Research and Outreach Abilities
-Comfortable on phone - both within developed relationships and on cold calls 
-Interpersonal Intelligibility
-Good Memory and/or ability to organize large amounts of data / info at once 
-Streamlined Organization of Email and Documents 
-Fast Accurate Typing / Copy Creation 
-Schedule Flexibility 
-Familiarity with Grant Research/ Writing and General Non-Profit Systems 
-Onsite Production Management (management of people/ ability to multi-task, create and implement structure) 
-Beautiful Handwriting for signage and personalized thank-you notes
-Drivers License and ability to rent car with valid license
-Living in close geographic proximity to me in 11211 (at least until construction of Graham Ave Venue is complete) 
Additional Pluses:
-Photography - Shooting + Post: Editing + Archiving + Key-wording / Color-Correcting / Basic Retouching / Compositing 
-Video - Basic Shooting + Post / Editing
-On-Set lighting 
-Hands-on Building/ Hammering/ Tangible Crafts 
Software Proficiency:
-Proficiency on Mac platform
-General understanding of technical language / ability to intelligently navigate and have patience with trouble-shooting calls in all varieties
-Native Mac OSX software (Numbers, Pages, iTunes/ iPhone etc…)
-Adobe Photoshop + Bridge (Illustrator, a plus)
-Final Cut Pro or like editing application for basic editing
-Microsoft (Word, Excel) 
-Basic WYSIWYG Navigation 
-Facebook / Linked-In / Twitter / Etc… 
-Basics in Logic/ Ableton (a plus)
Personal Qualities:
(As candidate will be working very closely with me, the following personal qualities are a must)
-Creative Self-Starting Abilities 
-Kindness + Sense of Humor! 
-Confidence Cold-Calling/ asking for what is needed/ Outreaching with both kindness and conviction
-General Ability to address challenges directly, immediately, and hopefully with focus and calmness …
-Comfort running personal errands in additional to executing administrative tasks  
-Ability to know own boundaries and know when to ask for help or ask for more work … either 
-Excitement about working with an OCD, forward-thinking, fast-moving, constantly-expansively-creating boss :-) 
The ideal candidate values authenticity, honestly, direct communication, and likes to laugh, and should enjoy life’s quirks and complexities. The ideal candidate is uniquely forward thinking, progress-hungry, and self-starting. She/he knows her/himself well, and is willing to/interested in discussing strengths and weaknesses – transparently - as well as giving and receiving critical feedback, for the betterment of the work, and deepening of the experience.The ideal candidate should come prepared to learn and teach, be themselves, and have a good time. Candidate should be highly motivated, hard working and hoping to build a long-term working relationship. 
To Apply:
Please send a Cover Letter - either written or in the form of a video (uploaded online: Please email a link. Do not attach media) of you introducing yourself (in whatever way you choose) and sharing your interest in involvement. Please send this to me directly at Sarah@SarahSmall.com and CC StudioManager@SarahSmall.com.
Please also send a Resume, 2-3 References (two professional/past employers and at least one personal), and two Writing Samples of any variety (e.g. grant applications, artist statements, proposals/pitches/emails etc…)
Candidate will be prepared to take on trial assignment. 
This position is Part-Time (with opportunity to become Full-Time) and is starting immediately.