The Delirium House is finally coming together! The Founders Committee meetings are more and more frequent, and we're all pretty F-ING (pardon my foreign language- it's not French) excited . The lovely Vanessa Upegui will be producing and  hosting a series of six 4-course cocktail-supplemented dinner parties (Grazelist) to Founders raise money to help create awildlife sanctuary in the Amazon. So far as I understand it, she will be building immersive environments with music and movement to illustrate and celebrate various South American regions, as listed below:

Saturdays @ 6:00pm in April and May: 4/4 (Brazil), 4/11 (Venezuela), 4/18 (Peru), 4/25 (Bolivia), 5/2 (Ecuador) and 5/23 (TBA). $135 - All Proceeds will go to Jungle Keepers