November 01, 2016
World Premiere / Multimedia Concert  ---- January 6, 7, 11,12, 13, 14, 9pm

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Secondary Dominance, Small’s decade-long musical project-in-the-works, will premiere this January 2017 as a multi-disciplinary performance at HERE Art Center’s annual PROTOTYPE Festival. In 13 micro-movements, Small synthesizes genres from Balkan folk to contemporary chamber, industrial, renaissance, rock, rap, and punk, while interweaving live and recorded electronics, Chinese sheng, strings, winds, and densely packed vocals. Working in her signature Tableau Vivant form, the music is complemented by gestural choreography and projections, including the world premiere of Black Sea Hotel's first music video. Secondary Dominance is a unique multimedia experience that unfolds as lush living pictures rife with honesty and mistakes, ferocity and hilarity.