Vocal trios (Black Sea Hotel & Hydra) and Small’s solo venture (currently Jessica Brainstorm) are independent musical projects operating outside the umbrella of The Delirium Constructions, yet all three projects have direct musical influence on Small’s Tableaux.

In 1997, Small became enamored with the uniquely resonant sound of the ever-enchanting 50-woman choir, Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares, whose arrangements consist of dense, thickly layered harmonies, build around a musical relationship characteristic of Balkan folk singing: a complex ornamental melody beats up against a constant ‘drone’ line, creating continuous tension and resolution. In 2003, Small began studying Bulgarian vocal production in a start-up Bulgarian Women’s Choir, Yasna Voices. In 2007, Small left the larger choir and co-founded Brooklyn’s Balkan vocal ensemble, Black Sea Hotel.
As an experiment in 2009, Small asked Black Sea Hotel to sing inside her first Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions realizing that the interplay between harmony and dissonance had always been a vivid theme in both her visual and musical explorations.
Balkan singing continues to influence the musical direction of Small's Tableaux. In 2011, Small commissioned Rima Fand (now Tableau’s Musical Director and Resident Composer) to craft a 'drone-scape' to extend out of Small's arrangement of the Bulgarian folk song, 'Ibish Aga' (originally written for Black Sea Hotel).

Jessica Brainstorm has also informed Tableau’s musical identity. In Spring 2011, Small commissioned Fand to orchestrate the music for Tableau's 'dance' section based on Jessica Brainstorm's 'Wildebeest Waltz' song-sketch.

After close collaboration in this Tableau, Fand and Tableau vocalist, Yuli Be'eri formed Hydra.