The Delirium Constructions Film is a 75-minute fantasy-fiction/documentary hybrid that studies the creation and process behind the production of Sarah Small's Tableau Vivant performances. Vérité footage, still photographs, and conceptually-driven dreamscapes are interwoven to create the stylistic platform for which the Film studies the questing journey of both the Tableau participants and its creators.

Defying conventional form and content, early stage editing collaborations between Sarah Small and Josephine Decker have unveiled new ways of exploring documentary footage. The visceral, intimate content of the footage is reflected in a similarly visceral, intimate editing style. The film moves from – for example – the photographed birth of a baby, to the interior of a model’s experiences during a Tableau, to intimate discourse between Sarah and her 80-year-old friend in her East Village apartment. Using the intricate, architecture wilderness of the Tableau performances as a context and jumping off point, the film explores the universe of collaborations and intimacies that such a project enables.

The Film follows the production from casting through post-performance, including intimately revealed stories, excitements, failures, and lessons; as well as the relevant and influential personal psychology, history, and family of those involved. Footage includes poetic dreamscapes in Bryce Canyon, journeys through painting galleries at the Louvre, a labor and delivery in a Harlem Hospital, consultations with ministers investigating legal rituals of intimacy, shared dinners with family members and friends, birthday parties, rehearsals, and encounters with strangers on New York City streets.

The Delirium Constructions Film re-frames traditional documentary storytelling into a filmic language constructed around intuitive non-linear narration. The Delirium Constructions Film will help its viewers to re-imagine connection and intimacy in a world framed and constrained by our media, with its heightened distortion of both. The Film is currently in post production, with an anticipated release in 2019.